D. R. Barton - Rochester, NY






In no branch of industry have we more fully established our capacity to manufacture goods equal or superior to the products of European makers, than in the large and important department of Mechanics' Tools.

Perhaps to no other man is the country so much indebted for securing this result as to Mr. D. R. Barton of Rochester.  He, by the persistent patience and unfaltering energy of a lifetime, has succeeded in so establishing the reputation of American Edge Tools that he has been the means of stimulating many men of enterprise and capital to engage in their manufacture, and that he has not only contributed the efforts of his own life to this important work, but been the means by his example of enlisting many others also. And in this view we think the country stands indebted in no small degree to Mr. Barton.

But still, palmam qui meruit ferat (Let him bear the palm who has deserved it).

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L. & I. J. White


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