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Buck Brothers, Riverlin Works - Millbury, MA




Buck Bros Trade Mark was registered on June 1,1875.  The registration number was 2602 and applied to Chisels and Edge Tools. Buck Bros., Millbury, MA.


"Buck Brothers, manufacturers of chisels, gouges, plane irons, machinists' punches, cold chisels, nail sets, reamers, and countersinks, commenced business in Worcester, in 1853.

Although started in a small way, the business gradually increased under the practical and skilful management of the Buck Brothers and, in the summer of 1864, it was removed to Millbury."

"Centennial history of the town of Millbury, Massachusetts, including Vital Statistics, 1850-1899" by John Calvin Crane.

"These Tools are made of Wm. Jessop & Sons' and Thos. Firth & Sons' warranted best English cast steel, by the most skilled workmen, and a constant personal supervision is given to the business."

It is an old saying that the "proof of the pudding is in the eating."  No doubt the proof of the excellence of such tools as were here shown is in their practical use by mechanics covering considerable time.

This evidence was wanting to the Judges, but who found them apparently of a good quality of steel, of good design and finish, similar to those found in many stores in this and other States.

For the exhibit as a whole their award was a Diploma.

Report of the Eighteenth Triennial Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association
(Boston: Press of David Clapp & Son, 1896).

1889 - from the "Leading businessmen of Worcester and Vicinity".




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