Buck Brothers, Riverlin Works - Millbury, MA

  Status Report - The Iron Age, January 16, 1902  

Buck Brothers, Riverlin Works, Millbury, Mass. whose trade mark is the Buck’s Head, inform us that their sales for the past year were far in excess of any previous year.

This firm lack but one year of rounding out half a century of continuous business, the original founders coming from Sheffield, England, from which place Buck Brothers still continue to import steel for use in the manufacture of their Tools.

Three different departments of the United States Government have been supplied with their product during the past year. The same rigid inspection of Tools and a constant supervision of all the details of manufacture is still relied upon to turn out the best quality of goods in their line, comprising Firmer and Socket Chisels and Gouges, Taming Tools, Carving Tools and a large variety of Light Edge Tools and Razors.

Buck Brothers have enlarged their manufacturing facilities during the past year, the forging department being increased fully 50 per cent. The prospect for the future is regarded as very good, the firm at present being well supplied with orders.



Buck Bros


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