The Collins Company - Collinsville, CT





"The importance of this branch of domestic industry will, in some measure, be realized, when we learn the extent to which the business is carried by a single establishment, which has been in operation about twenty years, under the supervision of Messrs. Collins & Co., in Hartford, Ct. 

The works of the Company are located at Collinsville, on the Farmington river, to which place a branch of the New-York and New-Haven Railroad extends, connecting with the main road at New-Haven.

This Company is incorporated by an act of the Legislature, and has a capital of $300,000 invested in the business.  The machinery employed is of the most powerful description, ingeniously constructed, and skillfully adapted to the various purposes for which it is intended."

from The Plough the Loom and the Anvil magazine, 1854, Vol. 6

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