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L. & I. J. White Co. - Buffalo, N.Y.




"In the manufacture of mechanics' edge and wood-tools, planes, &c., one of the most promising establishments in the United States is that of Messrs. Leonard & Ichabod Jewett White, Buffalo, New York.

This firm have a capital invested in their business of $25,000, employ constantly over sixty persons, and produce an annual value in these products of over $60,000. Their manufactures are noted from the Atlantic to the Pacific for their superior quality in edge, style, and finish.

The manufactory of Messrs. L. & I. J. White is four stories high, with 34 feet front, running back 80 feet, and in it they have fourteen forges, with other suitable machinery for facilitating their operations. The motive power is obtained from a fifty horse power steam engine in a building adjoining. In addition to the above, they have a large warehouse and office on the northwest corner of Ohio and Indiana Streets, where they make their sales.

Both members of this firm are practical men of some thirty years experience in their branch of manufacturing, to which they give an active personal supervision; and the establishment, now in such a prosperous state, has been built up solely by their unaided and untiring perseverance."

Edwin T. Freedley, Leading Pursuits and Leading Men: A Treatise on the Principal Trades
and Manufactures of the United States.
(Philadelphia: Edward Young, 1856).

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