American Edge Tools and their Makers

  The Wonder Tool Holder - The Iron Age, Vol. 54, August 2, 1894 (New York: David Williams).  

The illustration herewith given shows a tool holder which has been devised for the purpose of holding a tool firmly in one position while being ground.

In the engraving a chisel is shown in position in the holder. The operator turns the grindstone crank with the right hand and places his left hand on the handle of the holder. The thumb screw keeps the tool rigid, in connection with the foot of the stand which is engaged in the teeth of the upright rack.

It can be attached to any sized stone, for hand or steam power, and will hold any tool from the smallest chisel to a broad axe, while the tools thus held will be ground with a true bevel. It is made of the best gray iron, nicely japanned, and is fitted with a hard wood handle.

The manufacturer is T. C. Williams, Jr., 508 Royal Insurance Building, Chicago, and it is sold by Horton, Gilmore, McWilliams & Co., 173 to 176 Lake Street, Chicago.





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