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A Jig For Grinding Chisels and Gouges by James D. Thompson

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I just finished making a jig for my bench grinder. It holds chisels and gouges to make it easy to get a near perfect grind.

This jig hasnít even been painted yet, but I wanted to get the pictures up so others might take advantage of the idea. The idea is not original. There is a company making these jigs, and they are fairly expensive. My jig was made of scraps, and cost almost nothing. The Galoot way. :>)

First is a picture of the jig just sitting empty. The angle iron can be moved in and out to accommodate any length of chisel.

The angle iron is retained inside a piece of box tubing. You can see the handled set screw that holds it.  I had to cobble up some iron to get the whole thing lined up with the grinding wheel.  The end of the angle has a piece of metal welded on to form a pocket for the chisel handle to fit into.

Next is a front view and a picture showing a chisel in position. Ignore the tool rest. It has no part in this, I just forgot to remove it.

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