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Kearney & Foot File Works Co. - Peterson, NJ





The leading headquarters for supplying the trade in Files and Rasps in this city (New York) is the office of the well-known Kearney & Foot Co., located at No. 101 Chambers Street. This corporation has a reputation and a trade co-extensive not only with this country but extending to many foreign nations.

Their works are situated at Paterson, N. J., and are recognized as among the largest and best equipped of the kind in the country.

The company founded its business in 1877, and is officered as follows, viz.: President and Treasurer, James D. Foot; Vice-President and General Manager, James Kearney; Secretary, Sandford D. Foot. The president of the company is in personal charge of the New York office, and is a gentleman of large business experience and of high repute and standing in the commercial circles of the metropolis.

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