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This booklet not only shows you how to get the most out of a very basic tool, but it also makes it easy for you to select from the twenty different types of Simonds files in common use today.

The famous Simonds brand is unquestionably among the most respected symbols of quality and reliability in the industrial marketplace.

Every Simonds Red Tang file is precision cut for uniform tooth height and sharpness, scientifically heat treated for maximum hardness and edge-holding ability and is individually checked and user-proved for cutting ability and uniformity.


Imagine cutting a whole new life for you and your family out of sheer wilderness. What basic tools would you want?


You’d certainly ask for an axe and a saw. But now ask yourself this question: “What good would either be when it became dull and unmanageable?” You’d need a file to keep your tools useful.

Obviously, a good file must be considered another basic tool. Although it is basic, the file is not a simple tool.

Available in a wide range of types and sizes, files have become very sophisticated. Every finishing operation has a file specifically suited to it.

When you know and use the right file, your job is simplified, and you get the results you demand. Simonds has been making files since 1836 and has pioneered improvements of this basic tool. We hope this booklet will help you use the right file in the right way for the right job.

July, 2012

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