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Shapleigh Hardware Company - St. Louis, MO

  “Diamond Edge" Miter Boxes - Hardware Dealers' Magazine, Vol.39, January 1913, (New York: Daniel Mallett).  

Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co., St. Louis, Mo, is offering the trade a new line of “Diamond Edge” Miter Boxes. The simplicity of construction and quick adjustment appeal to the most conservative mechanic.

The notched segment and locking device is a decided improvement in miter box construction, as every angle is positive and perfect. The arrangement of the work clamps makes it possible to handle a very wide range of work.

The device for controlling the depth of the saw guide and supporting the saw above the work is in one piece, and cast lugs on sides of saw guide posts hold the saw guides in position so that the saw slots are always in line to receive the saw.



Miter Boxes


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