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Vajen & New Hardware Co. - Indianapolis, IN


Vajen & New-Catalog of Hardware, Cutlery, Tools - Indianapolis, IN, 1884


To the Trade

Desiring to extend our trade and to better serve our customers, we have issued this Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue, which we trust will prove a valuable aid in making selections for Mail Orders, to which we give the most careful attention; making prices as low as though purchased in person.

Owing to the constant changes in lists and prices on so large a line of goods, we have omitted lists on all but standard goods and prefer to quote net prices or discounts upon application, giving our customers the benefit of the lowest prices at the time of purchase.

Be particular to give Catalogue page and number of articles desired.

State whether goods are to be shipped by Express or Freight.

Package charged at net cost.

With a grateful acknowledgement of the many favors our trade have so generously bestowed upon us, and which have enabled us to largely increase our business, we ask you to bear in mind that Vajen & New stand at the head to serve and to please.

We hope by a careful consideration of your wants to merit and maintain a continuance of your patronage.

Very truly,

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