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The Duncan & Goodell Hardware Store - Worcester, Mass

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The Hardware man who is looking for ideas to fit up a new hardware store or renovate his old establishment can very profitably make a visit to that of Duncan & Goodell Co., Worcester, Mass.

For many years this store was conducted along conservative lines and transacted a splendid business. Some time ago they altered the store front of their window, putting in up-to-date show windows, and this feature proved a very wise step for their trade in certain lines increased over 50 per cent.

When the building was constructed, there were about thirty tons of stone put in the base of the windows, and on this foundation, two large iron posts supported the super structure. This gave a very small window space, and in making alterations, the posts were eliminated and much smaller steel posts were installed, and plate glass windows put in.

The store interior was changed to a considerable extent, and a large number of modern show cases installed, embodying the excellent ideas of the store proprietors, Messrs. Scott and Goodwin.

The location of the various show cases, wall cases, tool cabinets, counters, etc., on the main floor are indicated in the accompanying floor plan. Some of the illustrations herewith will give a most excellent idea as to how their goods are sampled.

The show windows are enclosed, the upper portion being of glass. The lower part affords access to the window itself by means of sliding doors. The bottom of the window is a parquet floor, and is raised a couple of feet above the level of the sidewalk so as to bring the goods on display within easy range of the public's vision.

The show windows have paneled ceilings and overhead lighting system which, with prismatic glass reflectors, throws a very strong light on the goods that are in the window. There are two front windows, two side windows, and a V-shape store entrance gives two more windows, so there are really six windows, through which the public can see the goods on display. Here table lamps, portables, cutlery, nickel goods, etc., are shown. Electric light cords run from various sockets to where the lamps are placed. This permits of their illumination during the evening.

Fig. 2 is the floor plan already referred to. Fig. 3 shows several display cases and a floor case on the left of the store as one enters.

The first case behind the chuck display stand shows a line of dog collars. Next, lines of mechanics' tools, then cut gears, etc. In this line, the Company has a very large trade, as Worcester is a big manufacturing city. The floor case in the foreground is provided with glass shelves and shows many small tools, etc.

Fig. 1 shows the Wrench display case, which playing these wrenches is clearly illustrated, and with a black velvet background makes a very handsome appearance. The idea of putting ordinary pipe and monkey wrenches in handsome display case may seem like carrying the thing too far to many people, but after one observes the very striking appearance which these goods make in this show case, all criticism is waived aside. Considerable stock can be carried in a case of this character.

The tools are all hung on what are known as Corbin's towel rods, which make most excellent tool hangers. The sliding doors are made of plate glass, ball bearing, and these doors weigh at least 100 pounds each. Their adjustment is so delicate that the slightest push of the finger will send the door traveling along the track.

The cases are handsomely finished in antique oak. Nearly all the wall cases in the store were designed by some of the firm, and their method of getting them- up is somewhat original. Large pieces of paper were put on the floor, and tools which it was desired to put the paper and a rough outline made, and marked for the tool rest or holders where indicated. This was given to some carpenters and they built the case from this rough outline and suggestions.

Fig. 4 shows a most effective arrangement of hammers, hatchets, axes, etc. As is clearly evident, a large stock can be carried in the wall case. A better method of display we do not think can be conceived. The photograph quite plainly shows the attractiveness, but it is no comparison to seeing the case with one's own eyes. Therefore it is not surprising that the display almost sells the tools alone.

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