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Fort Pitt Hardware Co. Hardware & Tools Catalog - Pittsburg, PA, 1915


In our display room we show samples of complete lines of builders' hardware, suitable for every class of building. We suggest when visiting our store for selections and quotations that you bring plans and specifications; our salesmen are competent to make lump price from plans which is simpler and saves customer much time and detail.

We urge our customers to order at earliest date possible hardware required for any particular job; we aim to carry a stock of all staple goods but it sometimes happens that the design selected is not in stock complete and must be ordered from factory requiring time.

Credit extended where mercantile rating is good or when satisfactory reference is given.

Terms 30 days net.

Prices F.O.B., cars at Pittsburgh and subject to change without notice.

Upon request quotations will be made freight allowed.

When writing for prices, always state quantities required; it can be readily understood that the cost of filling a small order where packages are broken is greater than when order is made up mostly of goods as they come from the manufacturer; to obtain quantity prices not less than the amount specified in quotation must be ordered.

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