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Fort Pitt Hardware Co. Hardware & Tools Catalog - Pittsburg, PA, 1926


In compiling this catalogue our aim has been to make a hand book of standard items of Builders Hardware.

It would not be practicable to attempt to cover the field of special hardware which is handled by our contract department.

The edge tools shown in back part of catalogue are all of well known standard makes and are warranted by their makers against imperfections of material or workmanship. We cannot afford to handle inferior tools.

This catalogue conforms as far as it is possible at this time, to the recommendations for simplified practice and elimination of waste by The Associated Manufacturers Committee on Builders Hardware of the United States Department of Commerce.

The Unit and Decimal system for quantities and prices is rapidly superseding the old Dozen and Gross system and the latter terms have been omitted herein, except in the case of Standard Lists for Wood and Machine Screws, Bright Wire Goods, Files, and some styles of Twist Drills.

The prices printed in the catalogue are not intended for current prices and are printed only for the purpose of guidance and making comparisons.

A separate price list will be published from time to time for use in connection with the catalogue.


Accuracy in description and dimensions has been our constant aim in this book but we cannot accept claims for damages due to errors in this catalogue or for deviation of size of articles from catalogue dimensions. We can furnish template locks, hinges and sash pulleys when required, for a slight additional charge.


Credit will be extended where mercantile rating or trade references are satisfactory to our credit department.  Our terms to credit customers are thirty days net. All prices are F. O. B. Pittsburgh unless otherwise expressly stated.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Dealers should bear in mind that we cannot bill small broken lot Parcel Post shipments at extreme prices.

We are glad to have the opportunity of correcting our own mistakes.  Do not return goods to us without our written consent and instructions as to where the goods are to be shipped.

Pittsburgh, Pa.
September 1st, 1926

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