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  History of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts by Alonzo Lewis and James R. R. Newhall, 1865.    

Alonzo Lewis, the accomplished historian of Lynn, died on the twenty-first day of January, 1861. A few years before his death he proposed publishing a new edition of his work, which appeared in 1844, comprised in a volume of 278 pages. But unforeseen obstacles occurred, and his design was never accomplished.

The few papers left by him came into the possession of the individual whose name is associated with his in the title page of this volume; but they proved of scarcely any value, consisting as they did of loose notes, mostly in pencil, mixed with surveying calculations, poetic effusions, and all sorts of memoranda; and a large portion were incapable of being deciphered.

I was, therefore, compelled to lay almost every particle aside, and simply take his former edition, and add to it such matters of interest as were derived from my own original investigations. It is probable that he intended to prepare his work as it passed through the press, merely taking care to keep just ahead of the printer; though it is barely possible that some prepared pages may have been destroyed by the fire which occurred at the cottage after his decease.

I have not felt at liberty to alter the text of Mr. Lewis - excepting, of course, to here and there correct an obvious error, like an error of the press, or mere slip in transcribing - or in any way make him responsible for matter not his own; and hence have indicated by brackets all the material additions and corrections that I have made.


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