Eagle Square Manufacturing Co. - Shaftsbury, VT




Vermont legend has it that one day, soon after the War of 1812, a peddler stopped at the blacksmith's shop of Silas Hawes in South Shaftsbury to have his horse shod.

In payment for this service, the peddler left Hawes some old saw blades. The story goes on to claim that Hawes, with typical Yankee ingenuity, welded two of these saws together at right angles, thereby producing the first steel carpenter's square. According to the legend, up until this time squares had been made of two lengths of wood, joined together at the angle with a piece of metal.

Eagle Square Manufacturing Co., one of Vermont’s oldest industries as well as Shaftsbury’s largest and longest operating company, was incorporated in 1858; home of the carpenter’s square invented and patented by Silas Hawes in 1819, he and Stephen Whipple formed the company.  The Stanley works bought it in 1916, built a new plant in 1971, then ceased production in 2001.

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