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A tool which is intended for gauging convex and concave as well as straight work, and known as Winslow's Adjustable Face Marking Gauge, is being introduced to the trade by the Mossberg Wrench Company of Central Falls, R. I.

The construction of the tool is such that the gauge can be readily adjusted for any class of work. In order to set it for curved work it is only necessary to loosen the thumb screw on the underside of the gauge, press the face against the edge of the work to be gauged so that it accommodates itself to the work, and then tighten the thumb screw again.

For straight work the gauge is set in the same manner, adjusting the gauge face to the straight edge at right angles to the gauge bar. Double line gauging is accomplished by means of a removable marker, carried on a sliding plate.

The latter is mounted in a slot in the gauge bar and is adjusted and secured in position by means of a thumb screw conveniently located on top of the bar. In Fig. 5 of the illustrations is shown a general view of the gauge, while in Fig. 6 is shown the manner of using the gauge for circular work.

An interesting feature of the tool is the absence of the bulky block which is often found on tools of this nature surrounding the bar and obstructing the hand in using the gauge.

The sleeve to which is attached the adjustable face of the marking gauge can be held by the sleeve as readily as by the bar, while at the same time it in no way interferes with the hand or fingers when the gauge is held by the bar.

The gauge face is adjusted to and from the marking points by means of a thumb screw on top of the sleeve. Inside the sleeve and bearing on the bar is a flat spring which holds the sleeve by friction and prevents it from sliding from the bar when the thumb screw is loosened.

The gauge is furnished with a rosewood bar of the first quality, and all metal parts are heavily nickeled and highly polished.

The Gauge

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