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Steel Squares and their Uses by F. T. Hodgson, 1890





The great demand for the first volume of ''The Steel Square and Its Uses" convinced the writer that a second volume on the same subject would be sure to meet with a fair reception.

The 150,000 readers of Vol. I. will want to see and know more of what may be done by the aid of the Steel Square and a little mental effort.

The present volume, like the first, contains but little of bewildering mathematics, and is brought down as near to the operative workman's standard as possible.

Perhaps many readers of this book will find between its covers some things they have known for years or have seen employed by some fellow workmen; they will, however, find many things and problems they have never seen, and some little "dodges" they have not heard of before, any one of which will be worth to them the whole price paid for the book.


Indeed, the writer considers the matter and illustrations presented in this work of much more importance to the advanced workman than that which appeared in the first, and feels assured his labors on The Square would not be complete without the present treatise.

At this writing (1890) over 150,000 copies of the first volume have been sold, and the demand is still brisk, thus showing there was a want of a work of this kind.

 And as the first volume did not nearly exhaust the subject, it became the duty of the author to supplement it with the present one, which it is thought will pretty nearly cover the ground.

Never, perhaps, in the history of technical literature has a work exceeded 50,000 or 60,000 of a circulation, and it is both flattering to the author and gratifying to the publishers to find that their efforts to aid the workman in acquiring technical knowledge have been so generously appreciated.

It is hoped their present efforts in the same direction will do as much good and deserve a like appreciation.

New York, May, 1890.

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