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Layout and Measuring Tool and their Makers

  Engineering, Surveying and Scientific Instruments by Mahn & Co., 1893      

Having received many applications for Catalogues and Cuts of our Instruments, we have issued this pamphlet, pending the preparation of a more complete Catalogue.

We must say, however, that with our superior facilities, consisting of the latest and most improved machinery and tools, with the advantages of steam power, large practical and technical experience, we are enabled to compete with the best makers in quality of work as well as in prices.

To our patrons who have favored us with their orders we give our sincerest thanks; and to our patrons, present and future, we give our word never to cease to have every possible care taken in order not to allow any instrument to leave our Factory unless we can guarantee its perfection in every particular; and we say with some complacence that our Factory has the means to compete with makers of worldwide fame.


We are very confident that hereafter Western Engineers, Colleges, and other Educational Institutions need not go further for their instruments; for in prices, as well as in quality, we are enabled to compete with the oldest and best known factories in the eastern market.

We do not claim to make a very cheap instrument; it is a fact well known to us that there are in the market instruments made only to sell, and, as to precision, have nothing but the name.

 These instruments are sold at prices low enough,, but there is not a surveyor or engineer who does not know how many are the inconveniences, damages, and losses of time which are invariably the result of their faulty construction.

Our experience and pride forbid us to enter into competition with these, but if our prices are compared with the lists of the best makers, a good saving is apparent; and as for quality, in order to justify our claim, we do not hesitate to send our responsible patrons the instruments for inspection, trial, or comparison, in order to enable them to form their own judgment.

The suggestions of our patrons will always be cheerfully accepted as the result of an experience, which, to the constructor, sometimes may pass unobserved.

One of these suggestions, after careful consideration, has led us to construct a middle-weight (about 7 pounds) transit, for mining, mountain and prospecting work, which we really believe is far superior to anything made for the same purpose to-day. All suggestions of the experienced engineer, with the careful consideration of the constructor, cannot fail to give good results, and we are always sincerely pleased to accept the judgment of those whose experience qualifies them to give wise counsel.

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