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P. Lowentraut Mfg. Co. which has gained a fair name and an honored place through over forty three years in business was originally owned by Peter Lowentraut.  He founded it in 1869, the location at that time being on Fair Street. In 1899, to meet the demands of a rapidly growing business, an incorporated company was formed and the capital stock increased to $200,000.00.

Mr. Lowentraut died in 1910, and his widow, Mrs. A. Lowentraut retains his interest in the enterprise and acts as treasurer for the company. The other officers are President and Secretary, P. H. Koerner, N ice-President, Gustave Miller, both of whom are well and favorably known.

The business is located at 36 to 54 Brenner Street, where it has been since 1884. This is at the intersection of Kent Street. The building has three stories, 300 by 400 feet in dimensions. The company is engaged in the manufacture of "U. S." ice skates, mechanics' tools and bicycle wrenches, and these are sold in various cities throughout the East and Middle West, its reputation for excellence of which the concern is justly proud.

The pay roll shows the names of approximately one hundred and fifty, many of these employees being high class mechanics, drawing a large weekly wage.

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