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Isaac Pike, founder of the whetstone business in Haverhill, was born in 1799, in "Cockermouth," now the towns of Hebron and Groton, and was the fifth child of Moses and Mary (Ball) Pike, in a family of thirteen children.

The Pike family came to this country as early as 1635, and settled on a farm in Salisbury, Mass., which is still in possession of descendants of the name.

An early member of the family was a graduate of Harvard College, and was the first minister of the Congregational Church in Dover. Nicholas Pike, author of the famous Pike arithmetic, very generally used in our schools fifty years ago, was also of this family.

The New Hampshire branch of the Pike family, consisting of several brothers, came to "Cockermouth" some time about 1785 from Dunstable, Mass, and Hon. Austin F. Pike at present a senator in the Congress of the United States, is a grandchild of the youngest of these brothers.

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