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Metallic Plane Company - Auburn, NY.


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The story of the Metallic Plane Company, of Auburn, N.Y. began with a small organization under the name of S. W. Palmer & Co.

S. W. Palmer & Co., manufacturers of snow shovels and laundry machines, the latter consisting of washer, wringer and mangle combined, are located on Mechanic street, near the Auburn City Mills.

In 1855, S. W. & J. F. Palmer commenced the manufacture of bench planes. In 1863, J. F. Palmer sold his interest to Charles Coventry.

In 1871 the partnership was dissolved, S. W. Palmer continuing the business in company with C. M. Palmer, and they compose the present firm. Their capital is about $10,000. They usually employ ten hands, but have employed twenty during the larger portion of the past year.

In 1877 they made 30,000 snow shovels and 10,000 ash sieves. They made during the year 1878, 20,000 wash boards and 1,000 churns. They have made about 50,000 washing machines.

They occupy the building erected by Sherman Beardsley, shortly previous to 1840, for a distillery, for which purpose it was used till soon after the beginning of the war, when William H. Halladay converted it into a machine shop and erected the addition now occupied by Isaac W. Quick, and C. J. Schweinfurth.

History of Cayuga County, New York by Elliot G. Storke, 1879.

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