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  Davis Bench Dog and Clamp - Carpentry and Building, 1889  

We show on this page engravings of a new form of bench dog and clamp brought out by F. N. Cove, 16 Exchange Place, N. Y.

It is simple and substantial construction, and will be found useful in a variety of ways.


Images above represent a device in position on a bench, holding a board.  Images below show rear views of the clamping mechanism.

It will, no doubt, be readily understood that the two grooved projections on each dog, which resemble screws, one of them being movable laterally, are slipped into two adjoining holes in the side of the bench at approximately the desired distance apart.

Pushing down the end lever then brings into operation a cam on each of their ends, which acts on the movable projection, causing the dog firmly grip the bench.

The clamp adjustment is easily and quickly made, the clamp, as shown above having a lateral travel of several inches. It also is firmly clamped by pressing down a lever.

This, by means of a toggle action, causes the serrated clamp proper to slightly move both forward and downward sufficiently to securely hold the board.

The set screw shown at the bottom is for the purpose of taking up wear on the bar along which the clamp fixture is moved. The serrated clamps are being capable of being set at different heights, set screws holding them in place.


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